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Theatron, Foundation of the Hellenic World
Theatron, Foundation of the Hellenic World

 A Box within a Box

“Theatron” Multi-Space Complex, Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center

The Theatre completes the “Hellenic Cosmos” Cultural Center complex in Piraeus St. It is a multiple-purpose building, designed to accommodate cultural events of any form and scale, such as concerts, theatrical performances, conferences and exhibitions.

The existence of two halls, which can be either used separately or united, combined with the technical infrastructure and the service spaces of the building, ensure its multi-functionality. The layout of the building consists of a core surrounded by the supporting spaces. This is formally defined through the solid appearance of the auditoriums, which are externally covered with zinc panels.

The supporting spaces encircling the auditoriums are covered by a semi-transparent double glazing system, which is the key to the bioclimatic behavior of the building. The double glazing system () opposes the solid core of the building lined with dark wood, both in texture and form, creating a dynamic equilibrium.


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