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Θόλος, Ίδρυμα Μείζονος Ελληνισμού
Θόλος, Ίδρυμα Μείζονος Ελληνισμού

Travelling in Time & Space  

“Tholos”, Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center

In entering the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center, the viewer comes across two buildings, the “Tholos” and “Building One.” The Tholos is a dome-shaped building, housing the Virtual Reality “Theatre” of Hellenic Cosmos. “Building One” is an industrial building of the 30’s that was fully refurbished in 1998, by architects: Na. Efraimoglou & Ma. Dede. The modern architectural style of the Tholos mingling with the industrial style of Building one, inspires a dialogue, between past and future, symbolizing the “Travelling in Time & Space”. 

With regards to its natural and morphological characteristics, Tholos resembles a planetarium. “The exterior shape of the Tholos refer to a whirling celestial body. It is a sensation that is rendered through the processing of surfaces and the selection of materials, such as the successive rings that surround the external shell and the special lights that make it stand out during the night.”

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