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 Gynecological & In Vitro Center

emBIO,  Gynecological & In Vitro Center
emBIO,  Gynecological & In Vitro Center

Curving the Angle

emBIO, Gynecological & In Vitro Center

Location: 77, Ethnikis Antistaseos str., Halandri Athens

Study & Construction Years: 2006-2008

Built area: 3.120m2

Design: Natalia Efraimoglou ARCHITECTS

Architects: Natalia Efraimoglou, M. Fotiadou, E. Paraskeva, C.Takos, V.Daouli


Structural Engineer: A. Spanos

Electro Mechanical Engineer: PROTON Meletitiki S.A 

Administration & Constructor: BALLIAN Tehniki S.A.

Photographer: F.Baltatzis

The building was designed to meet the ever-increasing needs of the emBIO gynecological center which specializes in vitro fertilization. The building houses a day care clinic, examination rooms, laboratories, the necessary auxiliary spaces and an independent mammography unit.

Architectural Synthesis

A crooked narrow plot that forms an acute angle between the main road and the side boundaries was transformed into a reception curve, which forms an elevation and crosses the interior, dividing it into two sections. A secondary oblique shape recedes slightly, completing the front elevation. The façade, cladding with vertical wooden blinds projected on the black granite that alternates with glass, reinforces the architectural design solution, enlarges the elevation, and invites the visitor to the interior. The night lighting with spots between the blinds strengthens a linear vertical intensity. The back façade has a different design, appropriate to its location – a residential neighbourhood.  

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