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Jacquard's Loom

Jacquard's Loom
Jacquard's Loom

Jacquard’s Loom

Location: Tria Alfa S.A, Nea Ionia Athens

Year: 2014-2015

Built area: 9.460M2

Design: Natalia Efraimoglou ARCHITECTS, DECA Architecture, Y.A.P Architects


Structural Consultant: Christos Kaklamanis

Jacquard’s Loom design explores a concept for the adaptive re-use of the ‘Τρία Άλφα’ textile factory to a multi-use complex. It has a total area of 9,460 square meters (6.300 m2 for main spaces and 3.160 m2 for secondary ones) and combines a unique programmatic mix within an inspiring architectural setting.

The factory has a long history starting in 1927 of continuous building expansions to accommodate growing requirements for the production lines. In order to create valuable open spaces, the design proposes to cut the existing carcass of the ex-industrial building through three Boolean subtractions, creating three interconnected civic spaces: The Arcade, the Agora, and the Plaza. 


The old factory is redesigned into a multi-purpose building, housing an “Agora”  where small producers are welcomed to sell their products, an open space with the capacity to host multiple events, a well-being center, a theatre, a “playground” for all and an outdoor Children’s Realm.  (I added this, see if its suited)


The façade is reformed into a Jacquard punch-card with holes, allowing light into the interior. The location and density of the wholes fluctuates parametrically, following to the movement of the sun and the programmatic requirements of the building.

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