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Stone & Wood Villa 

 Polidroso, Parnassos mountain 

Location: Polidroso, Parnassos mountain 

Study & Construction Year: 2009-2010

Area: 250,00m2

Architectural Design: Natalia Efraimoglou ARCHITECTS


Structural Engineer: Vicky Ledaki

Site Management & Construction: Dimitris Efraimoglou, Agni Logotheti

The location of the villa in the mountain closed to a ski resort, the steeply slope of the plot and the unrestricted mountain views have inspired a design of a house with a “strong” base from local stone and a lighter top constructed from wooden planks.

The villa is designed as a vocational house that can be either used by a single family, or by two distinctive ones. The stone –lower, part is at the same level with the main garden and the swimming pool, while the wooden one has its entrance at a higher level closer to the road. The wooden part has two floors, one for the common rooms and the second for the bedrooms.


Boarding House for autistic children

 Paiania Attikis

Location: Paiania Attica

Study & Construction Years: 2008-2010

Built area: 600M2

Design: Natalia Efraimoglou ARCHITECTS

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